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Dnister Challenge Race is a multisport competition consisting of KAYAKING (CANOEING, SUPPING), RUNNING, SWIMMING and CYCLING stages.

Active leisure lovers will measure strength and persistence in one of the most beautiful place of Ukraine — Dniester Canyon.

Competitions are open for experienced “bison” as well as for newcomers.
If not to win then at least to spend a great time on a picturesque bank of almost an autumn Dniester in a hospitable White Bison Camp.


OrganizerTURE TEAM

Classes of the race: BISON, CLASSIC, SUP

Sports venue:  White Bison Camp on the Dniester (Luka village, Horodenka district, Ivano-Frankivsk region)

Start of the event: 14th of September at 9:00

Finish of the event:  15th of September at 18:00

Daily program of the competition

12.09 Saturday

09:00 – 13:00 arrival to White Bison Camp, registration and preparing participants of Bison class
13:00 – 14:00 pre-starting briefing in Bison class
15:00 START of participants of Bison class 
20:00 expected finish of the competition for Bison class participants
attention! During the day participants of other classes can also register, have a training on water, look closer to the track or cheer for those who already compete.


13.09 Sunday

till 08:00 accomplishing of the registration
08:00 – 09:00 pre-starting briefing for CLASSIC and SUP classes
10:00 START of participants in CLASSIC and SUP classes
15:00 expected finish of the competition
18:00 summing up and award ceremony 
novelty This year the competition will last two days. On Saturday “bison” start in the afternoon, on Sunday morning other classes. Therefore, on Saturday you can compete against “bison” and on Sunday cheer up your loving woman or kids in Classic or SUP classes. The registration fee for the second participation is 50% less.

Stages of the competition


Calm water with a moderate flow and fantastic landscapes. “Bison” and women will compete on kayaks and “classics” — on canoe (team of 4 persons; pre-forming of the crew is welcome).
Individual participants will be split on teams by lot. There will be a separate rating for participants on SUPs. Number of SUPs is limited.

ІІ stage - RUNNING

Cross-country terrain — forest road, some of dirt road, asphalt and, at the very end, trails; significant climbs (up to 200 m) and then downhill. 
The route is marked.


Swimming across the Dnister. The water temperature is above-zero. If necessary, you can swim in a life-vest (available). Rescuers on boats will be following the participants.

ІV stage - CYCLING

Elevation, forest, dirt road, some asphalt. It is better to prefer MTB for such a route. Can be rented (pre-order).
novelty We reduced the hard-top road section.

V stage - COSSAC’S FORD (“bison” only)

3 km obstacle racing, including Dnister crossing. attention! Straight after the cycling race.

Classes of the competition

Separately in each class, we will determine winners among males, females and teenagers (if more than 6 participants will compete).

* BISON CLASS Extended kayaking and running stages, complicated and extended cycling stage. Race with water obstacle (“Cossack’s ford” across the Dnister) starts immediately after the cycling part. 100 UAH up enlarged competition fee. Limited amount of participants.

Distances for BISON class

  • kayaking 21 km 
  • running 12 km
  • ​swimming 150 m
  •  cycling race 27 km
  • obstacle race "Cossack’s ford" 3 km

* CLASSICS CLASS Canoeing. Cycling route becomes more cross-country in comparison with last year one.

* SUP CLASS Supping. Cycling route becomes more cross-country in comparison with last year one.

Distances for Classics and SUP classes

  •  canoeing or supping 16 km 
  •  running 7 km
  •  swimming 150 m
  •   cycling race 21 km


+ competition fee (boat rentals, transportation of bicycles to the starting points of the cycling stage and boats from the finish of water racing stage, other expenses and memorable prizes for all participants) in CLASSICS and SUP classes are:

- 450 UAH — no later than 30 st of August 
- 550 UAH — till 12:00 6 th of September 

- 650 UAH — on the competition day

attention! In Bison class competition fee is 100 UAH high.
+ if you need to rent a bike (350 UAH), please, do it in advance since the number of bikes is limited 
attention! Take your own boat (kayak, SUP) and reduce the competition fee by 150 UAH.


+ organizers provide participants who have registered with boats and life vests (limited number)
attention! Maximum number of participants on kayaks is 15 persons (Bison class and women). Therefore, it is recommended to pre-order boats as soon as possible. The earlier you register the higher chances to choose kayak you like. Also, take into account that participation with your own boat reduces the competition fee.

In the category of SUP for competitions allowed participants at inflatable SUP-boards no longer than 12'6.
+ bicycle (it is recommended to use MTB because of the route character) 
attention! Please, take care of safe packing for your bicycles while transporting (tape and cardboard can be useful). The best variant is to get your iron horse already properly packed.
+ BICYCLE HELMET — obligatory item of equipment
+ classical set for such an event (good shoes, comfortable sportswear, water flask etc.)

Accommodation and food

+ in White Bison Camp you can order accommodation and food (or cook by yourself)

Arrival and departure

+ by public transport to Ivano-Frankivsk and then by bike 
+ by public transport to Nezvys'ko village and then by foot or bike 2 km to White Bison Camp 
+ by car (in GPS you should look for Luka village, Horodenka district, Ivano-Frankivsk region
+ organized transfer from Ivano-Frankivsk to White Bison Camp on Saturday morning and from White Bison Camp to Ivano-Frankivsk on Sunday evening (price — 100 UAH/person/one way), and for 4-person groups we can offer transportation at any other time; please, specify the necessity of transportation in APPLICATION FORM

Are you in doubt?.. Take a look at report DNISTER CHALLENGE RACE 2017 

Terms of participation and registration

Competitions are open for persons who have reached the age of 18. Persons under 18 years old can join only with parents (life vests for swimming stage are obligatory) in Classics Class.

To pre-register, please, fill the APPLICATION FORM and pay the competition fee (see above Costs section).

attention! Registration before August the 31st helps to save money.

In addition, you will have an opportunity to register right before the race. All participants receives souvenirs with the race symbols.

Organizers cannot guarantee the sufficient number of equipment on water racing stage for participants previously not registered.

WE INVITE VOLUNTEERS TO HELP IN THE ORGANIZATION OF THE RACE (one who are ready to come but prefer observing the achievements of others). Volunteers are provided with place to set their tent (do not forget to take your own tent with you) and food. To register, please, fill the APPLICATION FORM (in a proper place make a mark “volunteer”).

Sponsors and prizes (will be updated)





Must-read: reminder not to forget important things

Equipment and personal things

+ take care of a bicycle helmet, bike, comfortable wear and shoes for water stage, running and bike…
+ at camp you will need warm sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, warm clothes (cool evenings)
+ slippers and towel for sauna
+ hygiene and personal eating set

Water racing stage

+ Participants will be divided into teams of 4 persons by lot. They will be competing on the canoe. We make sure that at each canoe has got at least one experienced boatman.

Running stage

+ the route will be various: a significant climb, cut across the streams (you can come out dry), swamps, slippery stones, asphalt

Swimming stage

+ life vests are available

Cycling stage

+ do not forget bicycle helmet and some minimum repair set for your bike (pump, spare camera, etc.)
+ MTB bikes should be preferred: road bikes will not fit, since much of the route is forests, soils and stone roads

If any questions, please, contact us

via e-mail ture@ture.ua

or call
+38 (097) 217 214 5 organizational issues
+38 (096) 999 7891 
accommodation, food, equipment