White Elephant Cup safety rules

лижні змагання у Карпатах

Obeying the rules is

a MUST for all participants!!!

Compulsory requirements and instructions

(1) Accurately select and prepare durable equipment according to the the recommended list.

(2) Check if the skis and other equipment are in running order.

(3) Study the peculiarities of rental equipment usage.

(4) Adjusting the bindings, set the adequate release force in keeping with the recommended standards.

(5) Have available avalanche safety kit (transceiver, shovel, and probe) at hand and be aware of how to use it properly.

(6) Particiants must be skilled in winter mountains orienteering and have the tools of orienteering (map, compass, GPS).

(7) Athletes should be physically fit for lasting extreme challenges. 

(8) If you suffer some individual diseases or have old injuries, please, notify the organizers about them in advance and take care of the appropriate medicines on the route.

(9) Every team should take care of personal nutritious snacks and thermos with hot tea (flask with water), survival kit (campfire kit, knife), and identifying documents.

(10) Follow the route line and competition program in accordance with instructions and the map provided by the organizers.

(11)  Team members must remain in direct visual and voice contact with each other.

(12)  Responsibly choose the skiing direction on the route: do not cut the slopes (especially under the conditions of low visibility), do not step on snow cornices, and avoid avalanche-risk slopes (couloir, snow pipes, and treeless wide slopes).

(13) Partners should keep a check on each other’s well-being (cold injuries and windburns of the face, dislocations, etc.). 

(14) As the need arises help other contestants.

(15) Please, keep the safe distance during the downhill and take off the skis in proper time on the difficult terrain (stones, bushes, thick-set trees, insufficient snow cover) to avoid falling.

(16) Strictly follow the instructions and time limits determined by the organizers.

(17) In case of strong wind, frost or fog contestants must stop the race and head for a safe zone following the most reasonable route (options: return to the starting point, toward observatory on the top of Mount Pip Ivan where the warming center will  function, descent to the river valley along a safe trajectory where civilization will be found).

(18) If the emergency, change of the route, injury, etc. occurs, inform organizers about the situation and one’s whereabouts. Take into account that in the valley connection can disappear.

(19) If the mountain ridge covers with ice participants should use special equipment for the safe descent (crampons) or be highly skilled in downhill technique on the difficult slope and have well-sharpened edges.