Rivers, mountains, caves (10)

Зміна типу





Bilyi Slon

Chornyi Cheremosh




10 days / 95 km

Tour features

10 days are enough to reboot entirely, gain energy and unforgettable impressions.
Rafting/kayaking on the Black Cheremosh, climbing the highest mountain of Ukraine - Goverla (2061 m), rafting on the Dnister, underground foray in the cave Mlynky, ancient town of Yazlovets and mountain observatory at the height of 2028 m. Not a single day of holidays will pass in vain!

It's the example of our combined tour.

According to your demands we can tailor any other combined tour.

Опис туру

  • gypsum mazes and shining crystals in the cave Mlynky;
  • meditative rafting between the high walls of Dnister canyon, tours to the caves, waterfalls and ancient Yazlovets;
  • ascent to Goverla (2061 m) and Pip Ivan (2028 m);
  • crazy rafting on the rapids of Black Cheremosh: Dzembronya, Grandpa’s elbow, White Mare, Hootchoks, Hook;
  • mountain walking to the heights with incredible views of the entire vast Chornohora - Stepanskyy and Kosarysche;
  • you choose whether to ride again the rapids of Cheremosh, to practice kayaking under the supervision of an experienced instructor or to go horse riding in the mountains;
  • also available at the camp "White Elephant": parking, children's playground and sauna, movie nights, school of kayaking and rafting, zip-line, archery, airsoft weapons and more. 

Possible adjustments to the program saving the total volume of services.

The system of discounts.

Програма туру

День 1
День 2
День 3
День 4
День 5

day 1: canoeing/rafting/kayaking on the Dnister

MEETING at White Bison Camp or in Nyzhniv You can arrive straight to the camp till 07:00 a. m. or to the village of Nyzhniv till 09:00 a.m. Also we can organize transportation from Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Lviv. 

  • transportation White Bison Camp – Nyzhniv
  • breakfast on the riverbank of the Dnister
  • selection of personal safety gear as life vests, safety briefing, basis of rowing and how to behave yourself while canoeing/kayaking
  • canoeing/kayaking on the Dnister Nyzhniv – Horyhliady, 18 km
  • nutritious snack
  • places of interest on the route:
    • nearby the village of Odaiv, located on the opposite bank of the Dniester, you can visit a popular paragliding site; from the spacious plateau you can observe the flights of not only a local birds but also delta and paragliders
    • hermit’s grotto with one large hall
    • shelter (cave) of URA soldiers in a steep hill; soldiers got inside the cave tying the rope to the oak tree
    • Under the Thought Cave (60 m long) where archeologist found traces of the Paleolithic Age
    • chapel on the riverbank
    • place of archeological finds: Trypillya village (IV – III millennium B. C.)
  • camping nearby Horyhliady
  • dinner
  • evening gathering round the bonfire, talks, impressions

day 2: canoeing on the Dniester / stroll to earl Badenia's palace

  • breakfast
  • preparation to the water travel
  • canoeing/kayaking on the Dnister: Horyhliady – Kosmyryn, 18 km
    nutritious snackсніданок
  • places of interest on the route:
    • palace of XIX century with a beautiful garden built in a classical style with Baroque heraldic attributes; Polish earl Stanislav Badenia amazed inhabitants with fish in ceilings

  • camping in Kosmyryn
  • dinner
  • evening gathering round the bonfire, talks, impressions

day 3:  canoeing/rafting/kayaking on the Dnister

  • breakfast
  • preparation to the water travel
  • canoeing/kayaking on the Dnister: Kosmyryn – White Bison Camp, 30 km
  • nutritious snack
  • camping in White Bison Camp
  • dinner
  • free time in camp can be devoted to training at Kayaking school, fishing or cycling

day 4: coach tour to Rusyliv and Yazlovets

  • breakfast at White Bison Camp
  • preparation to the excursion
  • coach tour to Rusyliv waterfalls (a brook with more than 14 waterfalls, the highest one reaches 12 m) and Yazlovets
    transportation to Rusyliv (approx. 1 hour), hiking along a brook, crossing the Strypa river and tour to recently discovered waterfalls
  • heading for Yazlovets, where we can visit ruins of a castle (XIV-XVII cen.), churches, Town Hall, rest and have dinner in convent (excursion in convent requires additional payment)
  • returning to White Bison Camp
  • dinner

day 5: canoeing on the Dnister / excursion to Dzhuryn waterfall

  • breakfast at White Bison Camp
  • preparation for the water trip
  • canoeing/kayaking on the Dnister: White Bison Camp (Luka village) – Khmeleva (or Hubyn) village, 29 km
  • nutritious snack
  • places of interest on the route:
    • fortress in Rakivets initially was a castle built by Dominik Bienewski in the middle of the XVII century; the stronghold survived attacks of Cossacks and Tatars, but Turk army ruined it twice. In the end of the XVII century nearby Rakivets castle was a ferry across the Dniester: this very fact can explain a constant war activity in that area
    • the village of Rakivets has an interesting architecture that reminds Muslim: houses are fenced with stone walls, some of them are blank; in the village travelers can visit a Saint Dmitri of Solun Church (XVIII cent.)
    • Red Mountain in a picturesque Beremyany tract; the mountain is special because of its microclimate: even in most severe winters snow remains here no longer than two days
    • coach tour to the waterfall on the river of Dzhuryn (cascading waterfall 16 meters high, appearance of which is covered by legends and mysteries); in ancient times the capital of principality was there, called Chervonograd, but now all you can see are two towers of the castle and catholic church of the XV century
  • ​returning to White Bison Camp

END of the tour before 06:00 p.m.

Also we can organize transportation  to Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Lviv.

У вартість входить

services of an experienced guide

food foreseen by the program

accommodation at the camps "White Elephant" and "White Bison" (bungalows, hostel)


rafting, tours, hikes to the mountains foreseen by the program

rent of a life jacket, helmet

transfer Ternopil - Dnister - Karpaty - Ternopil

classes in kayaking and rafting


У вартість не входить

rental of wet suits for rafting


Додаткові розваги та послуги


optional rafting, kayaking

horseback ride

rent of a sleeping bag and mat



Водне спорядження

Каяки, байдарки, каное, рафти, катамарани, SUP-и - якісне спорядження для всіх видів активного відпочинку

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Проживання у Білому Бізоні

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Перелік спорядження / сплави на Дністрі

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Ми відпочиваємо разом  з вами і завжди ретельно та прискіпливо ставимось до закупівлі продуктів і приготування їжі. А також використовуємо місцеві екологічно чисті молочні та інші продукти.

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Дністровський каньйон визна­ний одним із семи чудес Укра­їни і належить до найдов­ших у Європі (250 км). Високі стіни каньйону створюють особливий клімат: для Дністра характерна м'яка зима, надзвичайно рання весна й майже тропічне літо.